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Package for DCVG only surveys

Current Interruption

A Current Interrupter is required for all survey types.
Please select a Current Interrupter:

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How many interrupters do you require?

M.C. Miller Dataloggers

Which data-logger do you prefer?

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Use of the VADER requires an Android™ tablet (supplied by customer) and purchase of an associated applications (Test Site Survey and Pipeline Survey) , and will include the VM Lite app. VM Lite allows for basic collection of meter readings which can be downloaded into a spreadsheet program. Data collection for CIS surveys requires the Pipeline Survey (PLS) application which the wizard will add by default. You may also purchase the Test Site Survey application by checking the box below.

NOTE: Viewing and manipulating data gathered with the Test Site Survey application requires a data managment program such as ProActive. Checking this box will also add one copy of the Single-User ProActive application to your cart. If you require a version of ProActive that supports multiple users, please abandon this wizard and call the M.C. Miller sales team so that we may help you find the proper version for your needs.

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Data Probe and Electrode Options

Do you require Fixed Electrode data-probes or Detachable Electrode data-probes?

"Fixed Electrode" Data-Probes are assembled with non-detachable RE-5C type reference electrodes, while the "Detachable Electrode" Data-Probes incorporate a universal adapter that allows the attachment of various electrode types to the units, including the RE-5C, the RE-7 and the IonX Calibrated RE-5C electrode types.

PC Software

PC software is required to download and manipulate survey data from our data-loggers.
You are required to use one of our ProActive programs or our MCM_ESD program.

The MCM_ESD program is supplied “free-of-charge” with the data-logger, however only allows the CIS and DCVG survey data to be downloaded from the data-logger and exported to Excel.

We have recently released a new interation of our Pipeline Integrity system, ProActive Pro. Record, report and manage your data with the latest in Corrosion Protection Data Managment Software.
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How many ProActive licenses do you require?
rev MCM.